Waiting for Bunny to poop….

I got up early this morning, before 5am, hoping to catch Bunny pooping….

But he only showed me this (peeing). Twice.

No poop at his usual place.  There was a big one there yesterday, after the rain, but I cannot be sure if it’s his. I need to see it with my own eyes, he doing it.

His morning medication – the Lactulose and the Omeprazole. See how I’ve made the capsule so much smaller?

Breakfast was early. I was hoping he would poop after breakfast.

I fed the Cow Clan after the Blanket Cats, but then Mr Zurik had come to the window sill, so I had to leave the Cow Clan and feed Mr Zurik.

Buddy was here and he refused to be shoo-ed away. I gave him a bowl, but he only wanted to snatch Mr Zurik’s food, so I had no choice but to catch him (easy as pie) and…

…lock him in the cage at the patio.

Then and only then could Zurik eat in peace.

Ginger kept an eye on Buddy. I released Buddy after Zurik had finished eating.

I still did not see any poop, so I’m going to take him to the vet’s for the vet to check.

I just managed to collect Bunny’s urine, so we are off to the vet’s now, might as well take him along to get him checked.