About Stretch Therapy again

This is a sharing about pains, aches and falls. As animal caregivers, we are sometimes susceptible to this too.

About two weeks ago, Jia-Wen slipped and fell rather badly. Prior to that, he already had pain in his leg but he did not get it treated.

The slip-and-fall was so bad, he could not walk. The pain was excruciating. He went to see a doctor who said it was stretched ligaments and tendons, and was prescribed the usual pain medicines. But the pain was still bad and because he could not walk, he could not work.

He saw another doctor and this doctor prescribed more medicines and even said that an MRI might be needed and surgery might be needed to stitch back the tendons and ligaments and he would be out for 3 months after that.

Of course being out for 3 months is a horrifying thought, besides needing surgery.

I suggested an evaluation at Stretch Therapy. I had earlier achieved remarkable results for my back pain. My six-month old back pain was cured 100% after 2 weeks of Stretch Therapy. I trust the instructors; they are professionals and highly trained. More importantly, they care.

So I took Jia-Wen for an evaluation in a private class. The instructor opined that surgery is probably not needed. Jia-Wen just had to learn to use his leg again – he had to teach his leg…to walk. Muscle wastage had already set in due to his inability to use that leg for more than a week.

So, the private lesson was for 1 hour, solid. It consisted of “simple” exercises to put his own body weight on his leg and learn to walk again. He was afraid to walk because of the pain, so he had to overcome this.

After the 1 hour lesson, Jia-Wen could walk!

Believe it or not?  He could walk! Wobbly, but at least he could. We asked if another session would be needed and the instructor said it might not be necessary.

Jia-Wen felt much relief after that. And back home, he continued doing the seemingly “simple” exercises every day.

After 5 days, Jia-Wen could go back to work. He could already walk the entire length at the airport.

I go for Stretch Therapy sessions on a weekly basis. Just like cats, we all need to stretch!

Thank you, again, Stretch Therapy!

For more information: www.stmalaysia.com


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