The Cow Clan after the wall came down

Cow has been spending almost all his time in the room now.

Tomorrow will be Cow’s tooth extraction and scaling. I’m a little nervous because of his age (being 13 years old).

I hope it will go well. Your kind wishes are most appreciated.

Once the rotten tooth is out and scaling done, at least we will minimise the chances of increasing globulin levels that might destroy the kidneys. Being FIV+ already causes an increase in the levels, so we don’t want gum and teeth problems to add to it.

Bunny gets back his favourite “seat”.

Indy says there is no more “kick” now, because the netting is gone and he cannot practise being Spider-Cat anymore.

And Pole got back her once-upon-a-time favourite nesting place.

Of course I have to wipe a few spray-spots here and there. That is to be expected – super-alphas will be super-alphas.