Feeding time!!

For the Cow Clan.

Indy’s appetite is still not very good. But Indy has always been a kibble-king. Sometimes, he will walk away from his food and all it takes would be a sprinkle of kibble onto the wetfood, and that does it – he will eat. However, he did not eat much today. He is supposed to be on ID for the diarrhoea.

Cow and Bunny are eating to their hearts’ content!

The two low-maintenance girls.

Cow sapu-ed all the leftovers.

Tabs had a feast of raw food today (Cubgrub). I hope she’s back to eating raw now.

Heidi has been very fussy of late.

The fussiest of all is Ginger.


I brought Zurik inside to eat today since Buddy was here.

But he wasn’t comfortable, so I had to put him back outside.

Do you see Buddy?

Buddy, surprisingly did not ask for food today (he must be very full from home), but he kept disturbing Zurik. Sigh…