Kidney diets for cats (conventional recommendation)

I am still researching kidney diets for cats and would highly appreciate any sharing from anyone who has achieved success with their kidney cats. Or, if you have done extensive research on such diets, please do share.

Here are two articles which talk about what most conventional vets would recommend. After this post, I will share three other articles that recommend more holistic diets.

From MedicAnimal:

From PetMD:

The contents in the above two articles would be what most conventional vets recommend.

I have also heard from local vets that some kidney cats do well on diet alone or subcut alone and the diet is usually prescription diets. My niece in Singapore maintained her kidney cat on only prescription diet (and only kibble because her cat refuses to eat wet food) and daily subcut for FOUR years. Four years is pretty long, isn’t it?

But holistic vets do not recommend prescription diets at all. Some even go as far as to say that prescription diets will “kill your cat faster”.


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