Homecooked food for everyone!

Since Ginger needs homecooked food, I decided to make a batch for everyone.

This is blended chicken meat and chicken liver with lots of chicken soup.

Since chicken alone is not balanced, this is my mixture of bone meal (for calcium), vitamin E powder and taurine. I have not added the vitamin B complex yet. I used to use nutritional yeast but that has phosphorus, so I cannot use that anymore now. I also added Ark Naturals’ fish oil.

Ginger and Heidi loved it!

Tabs didn’t want any.

Tabs: I’m told my readings are all normal, so why are you making me eat all these special foods? Why can’t I just eat whatever I have been eating? 

Okay Tabs, you have a point there.

The whole Cow Clan ate it too, including Pole, Cleo and Indy (I’m surprised but definitely pleased). Even Indy ate it and he did not need any kibble-incentive or toppings.

I was just thinking….everyone eats the same food, but why do the boys have so many problems? Rotten teeth, holes in teeth, kidney issues, etc.  Is it a gender issue? Or is it because the boys get into fights?

Outside, Mr Zurik’s training to eat wet food continues.

He likes Monge.

Do you see the bald patches on Mr Zurik?

Doesn’t it look like perhaps he has been given a spot-on?

The first spot-on I did for him was at least 3 months ago and couldn’t have caused this balding (which I only noticed last week). The bald patches on the neck came after I noticed the balding on the head.

Maybe someone is also looking after Mr Zurik? If so, that would be good, but I’ll have to be careful if he needs to be medicated (which I hope, will not happen).

Maybe this is why he hasn’t been as hungry as he used to be previously. But he still comes for food about 3 times a day. He doesn’t eat much, though.