Bunny’s subcut

I decided to shift Bunny’s subcut venue to Bunny’s Room instead of using upstairs.

I moved all the paraphernalia down.

I’ll be using his favourite wooden chair.

Here we go…

When we almost reached 200ml, he knew, so he started fidgeting (Vincent used to do this too). But otherwise, he is totally cooperative and manageable, single-handedly. What a good boy.

The only problem is it is SO hard to poke the needle through Bunny’s very thick skin!  Jia-Wen says Bunny is descended from dragons, and hence, has “dragon hide”!

For those who are new to the blog, Bunny’s SDMA reading is 18 and it is a sign of early kidney degeneration even though his creatinine and urea readings are both within the normal range. The SDMA test gives us an early warning so that we can do something to manage and hopefully, delay the degeneration of the kidneys.

I got everyone tested recently and here are the readings:

The girls seemed to score better in this department, except for Cleo’s creatinine. Heidi should be our oldest cat now, although we don’t know her exact age since she came in 2013 as “a very old cat” (then).  So, now, she is 6 years older than “very old”. How old is that?

Ginger has the lowest creatinine and urea readings but his SDMA is 15. All numbers, but it does help.

Chronic kidney failure can affect 1 in 3 cats. It is scary.

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