Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Gelang Patah (Nujtiya Chareansouk’s)

We have provided an aid of RM180 for the neutering of these 2 dogs.

Ms Nujtiya is voluntarily claiming RM10 less for each dog.

Dear Dr. Chan,

I have sent 1 male dog and 1 female dog in Gelang Patah Johor for neutering on 24/MAR/2019.

16M: This male dog is from my feeding area GP-Area B. He just appeared from nowhere since last month and trapped in my trap cage on 10/MAR/2019. Next, I will bring him for vaccination probably next week and then send to the same fruit plantation that I mentioned to you after the first injection (or once completed the 2nd vaccination).

3F: This female dog was fed by a lady, her name is Phang Shiok Feng. She lives just opposite my taman (I called it GP-Area D) . There were actually 3 dogs (1M, 2F & 3F) roaming outside her house but recently got complaint from her neighbours and received a letter from MBIP to send the dogs away, otherwise MBIP will take action within a week. 3F has a broken front leg (believe she was hurt by one of her neighbours long ago). So temporarily we sent 3F to Phang’s mother after neutering and Phang will try to apply a dog license for 3F. If not, she will rehome 3F. As for 1M & 2F, just for your info, I have rehomed them to a transport repair garage in Pasir Gudang. I will schedule to neuter both of them in another 2 weeks as 2F just delivered 1.5 months ago.

The neutering fee is respectively RM200 & RM150, please confirm if I can claim RM180 for these 2 dogs?

Attached the form,  receipt and photos fyr.


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