Queen Cleo’s story continues…

Today, Cleo started off by happily licking Cubgrub (which I was glad), then I spoiled it all by putting just a teeny weeny drop of Ark Naturals fish oil into her Cubgrub. It resulted in her walking away…to the furthest end of Bunny’s Garden.

Okay, sorry, Cleo. Sorry….

She was going on a hunger strike, I know.

Later, I managed to coax her to come back and offered all kinds of food, but she refused them all.

Much later, she only wanted kibble.

Huh? Since when did you eat kibble, Cleo? Or is this a clear-cut protest, ie. “You make me eat fish oil, I’ll eat kibble instead just to spite you.” 

Cleo is capable of such.

Walking away…from the fish oil.

And after the kibble, she finally consented to eating some canned food – tuna & salmon. Maybe, just maybe, she wants fish?  Or, she heard the vet (she read the vet’s mind) and thinks she should eat fish now?

But is fish protein enough for a cat? That’s the million dollar question. I don’t know…

Cleo thrives on being petted. She loves it and will ask for it, but don’t try to carry her or handle her – she dislikes that.

She is licking and biting her fur again.


Cleo is paranoid. She doesn’t trust anyone, not even us, especially when it concerns food. She trusts only herself. And it is ironical because she was born in Ming-Yi’s wardrobe and she has known us right from Day One of her life.


…Ginger trusts everyone and thinks the whole world is good!

And Ginger lived his life as a community cat for 1.5 years before joining us. Maybe he was protected by Daffodil. He doesn’t know danger – we have seen this so many times.