Mr Lee Chin Siang’s sharing on his CNRM work (Updates)

One of our applicants responded to our announcement on the project-based application.

He is Mr Lee Chin Siang and he started applying for our aid in April 2014. We have since helped him with 28 neutering cases and 11 vaccinations.  Even way back, on his own, he would send updates on his cats whose neutering we had aided in.

Todate, Mr Lee has done a total of 66 neuterings of street cats, many of which he funded on his own and through the kind and generous donations of friends. And he learnt how to care for cats from his two daughters, ages 14 and 19! Isn’t this wonderful?!!

Here are Mr Lee Chin Siang’s sharing and his thoughts. Most of these are verbatim texts.

[09:39, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Glad to know AnimalCare adopting project-based aid. I’m now doing CNRM on own expense if possible, or seeking crowd-funding via close friends who is keen to help animals. Have faced some challenges on recent rescues like sporo infections, Parvovirus, some terminal ill ones as well, but gratefully people around me have changed their perception on street animals, neighbours start giving food to neutered cats too.
[09:39, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Good to know, Mr Lee.
[09:41, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: I always do project-based neutering, My vet knows my cases
[09:42, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Have been feeding my neutered cats since I start doing CNRM, every month 15-20Kg cat food.
[09:43, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: I’ll send them to vet if they’re sick
[09:43, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: But you are funding on your own now, right? That is good.
[09:44, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: If I can pay then I’ll not asking for aid
[09:44, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: This is CNRM. We need to distinguish it from TNR (those who simply release and dont care anymore).
[09:44, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: This month is quite heavy on my side, have spend rm800 on rescuing
[09:45, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: But you can raise your own through crowd funding?
[09:45, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: My daughters will name each and everyone we see and keep tracking their health status
[09:46, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: If you can, that is really good. Congratulations on becoming independent.
[09:46, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Just a few friends that are keen to chip in some money
[09:46, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: That is all you need. ???
[09:47, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Initial stage your help is indeed very much useful to my rescue
[09:47, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Glad to know. Tq.
[09:47, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: May i publish your success on the blog?
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Currently there are 20+ cats under my observation and fixed feeding program
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: If u prefer anonymous, i can do that too.
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Sure can
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: But can i publish that photo, pls?
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Can
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: With name?
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: They’re happy cats
[09:48, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Yes
[09:49, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Thank u so much. It will be model for others to follow.
[09:49, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: My sincere thanks to you
[09:49, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Most welcome, Sir.
[09:50, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: If u can, pls send a few more photos.
[09:50, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: I learned from my daughters
[09:50, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: How very nice!!
[09:50, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: How old are they?
[09:51, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: They like cats, I don’t, but I find a way which I can engage with them and living with the animals
[09:51, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: 19 and 14
[09:51, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: ?
[09:52, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: There are books here which they might like to read:
[09:52, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: It’s e-books in the link. Hardcopies all distributed out.
[09:55, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Thanks
[09:59, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: FYI, there are some kind people to help, not every time but will do charity if they’re ok

(Mr Lee sent images of text messages of the donations contributed by his friends)

[09:59, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Wow, that is very kind of them!!
[10:00, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: A small step at a time
[10:00, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Yes, small steps….that will be enough.
[10:00, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: AnimalCare is doing a wonderful care for many street animals
[10:01, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s coming to 10 years now.
[10:01, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Ya
[10:01, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: I following from time to time on how you’re caring your cats, lots of love there
[10:03, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: Wow, we first helped you in April 2014! It’s been 5 years!! What a great record!!
[10:04, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: Ha
[10:05, 4/5/2019] Chan Kah Yein: 28 neuterings, 11 vaccinations.
[10:06, 4/5/2019] Lee Chin Siang: I’ve done 66 neutering so far

Thank you very much, kind sir, for all the exemplary and blessed work that you do!