Project-based CNRM applications for everyone (effective immediately)


Effective immediately, our neutering and vaccination funds will be for caregivers who practise CNRM, and on a project basis.

This has been included in our policy page:

When you apply, please provide full details of your colony (location, number of animals to be neutered, gender, etc.) and photographs of the animals in the colony, as proof. Unless adopted, we expect you to continue caring for these animals after they have been neutered, on a long term, if not lifetime basis.  
Apabila anda mohon, sila berikan maklumat terperinci tentang koloni (lokasi, bilangan haiwan yang perlu dimandulkan, jantina, dsb.) serta gambar haiwan-haiwan ini dalam koloni, sebagai bukti. Sekiranya mereka tidak mendapat tuan baru, anda harus terus menjaga haiwan-haiwan ini selepas dimandulkan, untuk jangka panjang, atau sepanjang hayat.

When the project is completed (the number of animals neutered/vaccinated), the applicant will automatically be “graduated”. Unless the animals are adopted, the applicant is then expected to care for the animals in the colony for the rest of their lives. 

If the applicant wishes to do another colony, he/she will have to reapply all over again, with full details and disclosure and include updates on the previous colony. Approval is at our discretion and dependent upon fund availability.

We strongly advise all caregivers to look after a colony of a manageable size so that all the animals can be well cared for. Please do not do too much until you suffer from compassion fatigue or burnout.