Ginger’s turn today

Today is Ginger’s turn to go to the vet’s for a review and if his blood test is “okay” and everything else is okay, it would be his turn for the scaling and extraction of one bad tooth.

I decided Ginger would be next because his previous BUN and creatinine readings were within the normal range (lowest compared to everyone else) though his SDMA was at 15. I discussed this with the vet and she agreed that Ginger should be next.

After all, the bad tooth has to be extracted so it has to be done, sooner or later. We don’t want it to cause the globulin level to rise and cause harm to the kidneys.

Don’t worry, Ginger. Look at me, I’m 13 and I got mine done. It will be okay. 

Yes, Cow, you now have the cleanest teeth in the house!!  Cleaner than ours too!

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