Getting Indy to drink more water

According to this article:, Indy (5.2kg) should drink about 9 ounces of water daily, and that would be about 270ml, which is quite a lot!

Assuming he gets half of that from his wetfood (based on the article), there’s still another 135ml more to go. I think that’s doable.

Being such a hot day today, I tried the ice cubes in water.

They were curious, but no, the floating ice cubes didn’t quite pique their curiosity enough for them to lick them.

Cow wasn’t quite bothered….or maybe he didn’t know about it.

Supper is always a snack of kibble. Actually nobody needs supper except Indy. But because Indy gets it, everyone also gets, as usual.

I add quite a bit of water into Indy’s kibble bowl.

Today I added ice water, for a change, and Indy is a bit suspicious…

Otherwise, he has no hesitation at all. So far, he will lick up all the water and eat up all the kibble in the process.

I’m also training the rest of them to eat their kibble with water. Bunny is willing provided there isn’t too much water. Cow, Pole and Cleo – no. So, I start off by just wetting the bowl. I intend to slowly increase the amount of water….gradually. Little by little.

A new water bowl.

Actually Pole approached it first, but Cow got to it and silently but surely “wrestled” it from Pole. Pole had to back up.

This is another sure-fire way to make Indy drink water – give him raw chicken fillet or chicken breastmeat, but with some water in it (I guess the water is flavoured with some “juice” from the raw meat). He likes this water too. But it cannot be too much.

Yay! Finally, Pole gets the new water bowl!