Indy’s first home subcut – a “success”

Here are photos of Indy’s first home subcut, done this morning. I decided to use Ming-Yi’s bedroom upstairs because downstairs has too many distractions.


Yes? You called? 

We are doing this so that you will feel better, okay?  Just relax….

Lift skin, needle in…okay, not as thick-skinned as “DragonBunny”. Haha…

He fidgeted all the way. I don’t blame him, of course.

But Indy is very strong…

Oh…quickly, quickly….I’m already using the pink (thicker) needle, so 200ml should take about 4-5 mins.

Finally, we were done!

Quite successful, I would say.

I still remember the first few home subcuts with Vincent were harder. Vincent turned upside down too and fought. It was after a few rounds that Vincent settled down completely.

When we opened the door, Therapy Tabs was there! She was waiting outside..


Tabs wanted to help. Good girl, Tabs.

We’re done!!

Bunny’s is tomorrow. Indy’s next subcut will be on Monday.

But here’s a thought, though…if as Dr Lisa Pierson says that drinking water is a better option than subcut, I can actually use the syringe and feed Indy water at regular intervals. I wonder if that might be an option. I guess it would all depend on his creatinine level in the next review, in two weeks’ time.  But maybe that’s Indy’s baseline too? After all, he isn’t dehydrated. Indy has always been on the “strange” side. When he gets sick, he has all the (senior) vets completely baffled: “Your cat has recovered now, but we don’t know what was wrong with him.”

A kind friend shared that her friend’s vet suggested making chicken-broth or fish-flavoured agar-agar to entice her cat to consume more water. Might that be an option? I would have to check with Indy’s vet. Can cats eat agar-agar (seaweed)?

I remember that what our paediatrician suggested, about 30 years ago, to get children to drink more water – give them agar-agar!