Feeding the Cow Clan

Indy hasn’t had his raw liver for weeks now, so I thought I’d give him a treat this morning. This is the assorted food for the Cow Clan. I know which is for whom. I’ve managed to get everyone back to eating Cubgrub now, but sometimes, they need a little variety. Bunny has a fair amount of the wet RC renal diet too. He likes it. The RC renal ingredient list has a few types of meat as the first ingredient so this provides some protein rotation for Bunny.

Indy does not like the wet RC renal diet. He is the kibble king and is totally crazy about the RC dry kibble. Yes, he can have it as a snack but I add water to it and Indy has been obediently drinking up all the added water.

Holistic vets say that the most species appropriate food for cats is what cats used to eat in the wild, ie. raw food (meat, organs, bone, etc – the whole bird, for example). True, it makes perfect sense. However, I am not a 100% diehard convert. I will still listen to my cats and give them some leeway to decide what they want to eat. The only thing I would insist is to ensure they have more wetfood and enough hydration. If they like kibble, as Indy does, I will add water to the kibble.

As for prescription diets, I didn’t think I would ever resort to using it. Holistic vets shun it, I know. Some even go as far as to say: “It will kill your cat faster.” But now, I’m giving Bunny some prescription diet (wetfood) for his early kidney disease. I don’t think it would be harmful as I’ve checked the ingredients and discussed with Royal Canin on what the diet does. It may not be ideal, but I don’t think it is harmful (but please check with your vet or trusted experts on feline nutrition). Bunny still gets Cubgrub (which he loves) and everything else (which he loves). Bunny is a food machine!

In my opinion, Cubgrub would be the closest to a cat’s “natural” ancestral diet. So, everyone gets that. But now, Heidi, Ginger and Tabs won’t eat it. Ginger and Heidi just want raw chicken fillet, so that’s what they get now, and kibble (with water). It’s just a phase, I know. Tabs like Primal Freeze-Dried so she gets that. At least that is a balanced freeze-dried raw meal. You just have to keep changing to get it right, with so many cats to feed.

Everyone ate whatever they were given today, except for Cleo. She wanted Indy’s raw liver, so she got that. Indy usually isn’t too happy at breakfast because he has to start with wetfood. The Kibble King gets his kibble (with water) a bit later, as a snack.

Indy, we have called you Spider-Cat, Batman, of course, Indiana Jones (as in Harrison Ford’s legendary character) and Crash Bandicoot! But now, I think we should add one more: Dr Strange.

Indy IS “strange”. He has had senior vets baffled before and nobody can figure out just what is “wrong” (or “strange”) about him. I’m hoping against hope that he just has a higher creatinine baseline and maybe his body can cope with this higher creatinine level. We cannot do his dental scaling and extraction unless the vet is satisfied that he is able to go through with it. Now, with alternate-day subcut, hopefully, the creatinine will go down. We will know in one-and-a-half weeks. His dental health is not good. There’s pus in his gums.

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