Bunny is HOME!!!….with 2 teeth extracted!

Very sorry for the delay in this post, and many thanks to the few friends who texted to ask about Bunny.

Bunny is home now, he is okay, the surgery went smoothly and two teeth were extracted. Bunny now has clean and polished teeth!! We had a little mishap after coming home, but all should be well now.

I’ll start from this morning when Jia-Wen sent him to the clinic.

Jia-Wen said Bunny was so well-behaved in his car. Not a squeak at all. Hmm….Bunny bullies me?

Bunny was examined, put on IV-drip and Jia-Wen waited with him until I arrived at almost 1pm.

Of course he was terrified. The vet confirmed that Bunny is blind in one eye, but on the other eye, he still has about 20% vision. I’m so dyslexic, sorry, I cannot remember left or right!

When I arrived, this is what I saw. Poor Bunz……he’s so scared. So I called him and extended my arm in to stroke him.

It took sometime before he felt confident enough to look up. Poor little Bunz…

Bunny’s dental was scheduled at 2.30pm because there was a dog castration first.  So, it was quite a long wait for us. I guess it was okay as he was on drips. That would ensure more hydration, hopefully, easier to excrete the anaesthesia later.

Finally, it was our turn. That about was 2.20pm. A friend dropped by with her CKD-cat. It was so nice to meet her and her cat again because believe it or not, AnimalCare sponsored the glaucoma operation for this cat way, way back in 2009 when we first started and this young lady was only a student at that time. She and her friends had rescued this cat. We did keep in touch through the years. Now the cat has last stage kidney failure. It’s sad…

Luckily the friend came too, as we got talking and time passed more quickly.

Soon, the vet came out to say Bunny’s operation is all done and he was waking up. Yay!!

But he is still drowsy, she said. I went in to see Bunny. Two teeth were extracted.

Bunny was still sleeping. Very soundly.

The vet intern explained that some cats take a longer time to wake up fully. But he remarked that Cow woke up very quickly that day.

Well, that’s Cow, right? Cow is an armoured truck. He’s IronCat.

We waited while the vet intern tried to wake Bunny, but he still slept. I was starting to worry. The vet intern got a thermometer and took Bunny’s temperature. It was 36 degrees. Bunny was hypothermic. He needed a heating pad. When hypothermic, metabolism slows down, so by heating up, hopefully the metabolic rate will increase and Bunny will wake up faster. He also listened to Bunny’s heart and assured me Bunny was okay.

So, Bunny was placed on a heating pad and covered with another blanket. I stroked him and kept calling his name. The vet intern said he should wake up in about 5-10 minutes.

I waited and kept watch on the time. 5 mins passed, then 10 mins. Bunny was still sleeping. But he did yawn once and lift his head a few times. I wasn’t on panic mode yet…not yet. But I kept lifting the blanket to ensure he was breathing.

The vet assistant came in and I asked if Bunny was alright. She assured me Bunny had already woken up, but is just feeling tired so he’s sleeping.

Okay….Bunny isn’t Cow.  Okay…

I waited and told Bunny he must get up soon.


Yes, Bunny is up!!

The vet assistant came in to open a bag of kibble and this made Bunny sit up. It’s food, right? Bunny wanted to eat?!!  He gave Bunny some kibble, but Bunny could not eat any.

It was 5pm and the vet said the IV-drip could already be removed and we could go home. She wanted to spare us from the traffic jam, but I said it’s okay, if Bunny needs to be on the drips longer, I could wait. So we waited for another half hour or so.

Finally, the IV-drip was removed and we could go home!!

On the way home, Bunny scratched at the door, trying to open it.

Home at last!!

I quickly put the soft e-collar on him.

That was when the “mishap” started – Bunny turned violent. He hated the soft e-collar. I was rather shocked. He tore the e-collar out. I put it back and he tore it out again and flung it away. He seemed so angry.

I had to use the plastic e-collar instead and took this video to send to the vet as I was worried why Bunny was reacting this way.

The vet called back to say it could be that he is feeling pain as the numbing had worn off by now. The vet did not use a certain painkiller drug because of Bunny’s kidney condition. Cow had this drug. Maybe it’s the pain that is causing the discomfort. Indeed, Bunny kept pawing his mouth. I also offered some food and Bunny wanted to eat, but I think it was still very painful, so the food made it worse.

So the vet said to apply the Tramadol painkiller (in the ear).  I did that.

I had to put Bunny in the cage at the patio because he was still a bit “violent” and bumping here and there.

Bunny kept toppling his water bowl many times, I had to keep changing the towels. Finally, he settled down. I knew he was hungry so I gave him some AD.

Oh, he wanted to eat, but I think the extraction site still hurts.

I realised we cannot use Cow was a yardstick. Cow feels no pain. He’s IronCat.

Finally, I handfed Bunny. He ate quite a bit. Well, at least he won’t be hungry, he has had some food. The vet said if he doesn’t drink water, I should give him 150ml subcut tonight. I didn’t see him drinking water, so I think we will do the subcut later tonight.

The two rotten teeth.

I’m so relieved that Bunny’s scaling is done now. I was most worried about him, actually, being FIV+ and somewhat “weaker” than the rest (or so we think). Cow probably lived his life with FIV too, but because we didn’t know, we don’t think of him as being weak?  I don’t know. Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy at work?

Next will be Ginger’s turn. This Friday.

Indy’s cannot be done until his creatinine level goes down OR if it doesn’t even with the alternate-day subcut, then perhaps that’s our Dr Strange’s baseline? I would worry about Indy as well because he’s “strange” and unfathomable. And as for Ginger, I’d worry about his ability to excrete the anaesthesia since he’s kind of obese.

Thank you, dear friends, for rooting for Bunny’s safe surgery. He ought to be okay now. He has calmed down.









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  1. Yen Ling

    Get well soon, Bunny! Good boy!