Busy morning, big day today, and Zurik eats two breakfasts!

Last night I was a bit worried about Mr Zurik as I am still unable to tell whether his breathing is “laboured” or not. I took a video and sent it to the vet to ask if I need to bring him in today.

Zurik also coughed last night. Therapy Tabs was immediately at the scene to help. By nature, Tabs is very kind. If there were feline clinic nurses, Tabs would qualify. I remember even back in the day, whenever we had home acupuncture for Bobby, Tabs would be there “to help”. The vet found her so adorable, she called her “the nurse”.

The coughing is not uncommon in FIP cats. But I informed the vet and we will see if Zurik needs to go in today.

This morning, Zurik looked well. He greeted me when I came downstairs and went straight to the kitchen to wait for food.

I woke up at 5am this morning because I needed to feed Bunny early (6 hours before surgery). Today is Bunny’s dental scaling and tooth extraction. I’m a little nervous, of course. I hope everything will go well. Jia-Wen will take Bunny to the clinic as I have work until 12noon. The clinic needs Bunny there latest by 11.45am because he has to be on IV-drip prior to surgery.

I started Zurik with Cindy’s Tender Chicken and was pleasantly surprised that he ate it!! Quite a lot too, compared with his normal amount at the porch. I even threw in a bit of Primal to see if he would like it. He ate that as well, but I think he preferred the wetfood. During the last few weeks, of course I noticed he didn’t eat much, but I always thought maybe he had a food source elsewhere. Perhaps he didn’t, and he just wasn’t feeling well. But the past is past, we did not know. We need to live in the present moment.

Maybe it’s the Vit B Complex or the steroids that is giving him a good appetite. Or maybe, he just feels better? It doesn’t matter, as long as he is happy and comfortable. Being able to eat can be a yardstick for being happy, so I’m glad. After all, Vit B Complex is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” so I hope it is working.

Time is relative. Quality of life matters.

From the wetfood, we went on to Cindy’s Naturelle kibble. Last night, I had an inkling that Zurik might like that. Luckily we had some left (for the Cow Clan), so I brought it in and yes, Zurik liked it last night. Variety is good.

From Cindy’s, we went to Monge kibble. Zurik had a good breakfast. I’m so happy.

Her Royal Majesty licked up her fish oil today. Yay! I squirted the fish oil on top of her Cubgrub and I noticed she licked that part up. But of course, she did not finish her Cubgrub (as usual). Cleo is such a small eater. Very small. But her weight stays at 3.3kg, so that’s fine.

No problem here.

Indy kept asking for kibble after his wetfood. But he dutifully ate up all his wetfood. THEN, he appealed for kibble.

Okay, okay…but with water.

He agreed. Now, there’s no more resistance, he licks up all the water like a good boy. In fact, I think he prefers his kibble with water now. Indy is actually consuming quite a bit of water and yet, we need the subcut because the vet is trying to bring down his creatinine level. What if that’s his baseline, being the STRANGE cat that he is? We shall evaluate in about a week’s time.

Therapy Tabs taking a rest.

Heidi eats a lot these days. Being an old cat, she has “days”. Sometimes, she doesn’t eat much for a few days, then her appetite comes back. She seems to have a body that heals itself – a self-healing mechanism. That’s what everybody’s body is supposed to be, isn’t it?

I know Mr Zurik wants to go out, but no, I’m sorry, you can’t. My worry is, what if you have breathing difficulties and you decide not to come back as that’s how cats generally behave?  When they are weak and defenseless, they will find a secluded place and hide.

Surprisingly, Mr Zurik came back to ask for more food!!

A second breakfast! Good! Great!! Eat up, comrades, eat up!

Er…Ginger and Heidi too. Well, okay.

YES! Those menacing eyes are back…those KGB eyes. They are back!

No more pussy-cat eyes. It’s back to the KGB eyes!

It took me almost an hour to get everything done today.

Feeding everyone their respective diets.

Bunny’s antibiotics, Vetri DMG (as an added precaution).

Ginger’s antibiotics (started last night, because his dental is on Friday), Vetri DMG (as an added precaution too).

Zurik’s steroids, Vetri DMG and B Complex. Now, it wasn’t so easy pilling Zurik this morning. He fought.

Hmm….that’s good, he has the strength to fight. But I’ll need to trim his nails soon….

Our KGB agent is back!