Bunny’s morning

I got up at 4am this morning to check on Bunny.

He was sitting in the cage, e-collar still intact (luckily!).

I fed the Cow Clan and Blanket Cats first (including Zurik).  They all ate.

Then, it was Bunny’s turn.

I took his e-collar off so that he could eat in peace and gave him mashed Cindy’s Tender Chicken. Bunny does have a chronic stomach weakness so I guess this would be the simplest food. I’ve confirmed with the supplier (through the manufacturer) that Cindy’s canned food range has NO added sodium. The broth in the food would be good for Bunny too.

Bunny ate (of course, he loves food) but kept pawing at his mouth, so that was quite a struggle. I had to stop him from pawing. But I do totally understand that the extraction site must be still painful or the stitches might be disturbing him. Bunny was given 4 tiny stitches.

It’s just that Cow had literally “no pain” at all, so I wasn’t quite prepared for this.

Feeding Bunny was quite a struggle. He is SO strong, so it was a “battle” of sorts.

I should get a can of Recovery today; it might be easier for him as it’s almost liquid. I hadn’t expected all this. Again, because of the “easy” experience with Cow previously.

I let him walk about a bit. There was only urine in the litter box, so he might want to defecate. I don’t think he did, though. Poor Bunny was bumping into everywhere, partly because of the discomfort of the e-collar and partly because he is blind.

Last night, we did the 150ml subcut for Bunny, to play it safe.

After awhile, Bunny made his way back to the grille of his room so I let him in. It’s better too, he is more familiar with his own place and Cow has been very worried about Bunny. Yes, the two brothers fight, but it’s all momentary anger for Cow. Cow cares a lot about Bunny and whenever Bunny gets his trips out to the patio, Cow follows Bunny from the grille to the Stargate, making sure he sees Bunny all the time.

I fed him his antibiotic and a bit more AD.

Bunny’s asleep under the vegetable pots now (using the e-collar as a platform), under the watchful eye of Brother Cow.

I must be better prepared for Ginger this Friday. He’s a total manja-pot. Whining for attention and his frequent dim sum snacks is a daily affair with him.

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