Zurik and the FIP Advisory and Care Group

I joined the FIP Advisory and Care Group on FB and the members there (some are vets and professionals in the field) have been extremely helpful. It’s a global group.

FIP is a very poorly understood disease so I really have to learn more about it in doing my best to support Zurik. There was an outpour of response last night, within just a short span of time, all very helpful and geared towards helping Zurik.

I requested permission to share this chart and was told I could:  FIPAC Effusive FIP diagnostics & Differentials chart

It’s a flow-chart for diagnosis of FIP (or not). I have sent it to our vet and hope we can discuss it further.

FIP is very difficult to diagnose correctly and sometimes, it could be some other diseases with similar symptoms.

Right now, we are considering the possibility of toxoplasmosis or mycoplasma. I don’t know if we have tests in Malaysia for this, but if we do, I would want Zurik tested for these. If it’s positive, toxoplasmosis has a chance of being cured by using the antibiotic Clindamycin for 4-6 weeks.

But then again, I spoke with another vet last night and he said toxoplasmosis presents with fluids inside the lungs whereas Zurik’s was in the lung cavity (outside the lungs or surrounding the lungs) which is consistent with FIP.

The members in the group strongly suggests that we test for and rule out other diseases first. The fluids in the lungs has to be tested too. Unfortunately, the test kit proved to be defective.

There is also a test known as the Rivalta test – if it’s negative, it rules out FIP. Apparently, it is an inexpensive test which uses acetic acid and can be done easily at the vet’s office. I checked with a local vet and he has not heard of this before.

One of the group members also felt that if what Zurik has is something else (not FIP), then Zurik should not be given steroids while trying to build up his jmmune system. Steroids will suppress the immune system.

It’s difficult when we don’t know for sure what it is.

There is also an immune stabiliser which was recommended for Zurik and everyone else. It’s called Moducare. It’s available online.

I am looking forward to discussing all these with Zurik’s vet when she opens tomorrow. The clinic is closed today. Of course I am hoping against hope that what Zurik has is not FIP although it is still very likely to be it because the fluids was yellow and thick (contains protein).

An ALP/GLOB ratio below 0.4 confirms FIP, 0.4-0.8 is “possible” while more than 0.8 rules it out. Zurik’s was 0.5 so that falls under “possible. The group opined that Zurik’s minimal blood profile did not provide sufficient confirmation of FIP.

There is a glimmer of hope.

Please note that whatever is shared about is only a sharing. If your cat has similar symptoms, please consult your vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment protocol.

Meanwhile, Zurik is VERY determined to escape. He has also become really strong now (well, he was, before). And I was wrong about him being “easy” to pill. He was, during his sporotrichosis treatment in 2015 and his mange treatment this January. Three days ago, he was also very easy to pill but since yesterday…my goodness, he fought with me and I suffered his trademark blunt trauma (with his teeth) on my fingers.

So no, Zurik is NOT easy to pill anymore. He is so strong and he fights. Today, he spat out the B Complex, I managed to get the B Complex out of the bread (I used the bread pill method) and there was a big fight with me. I think he doesn’t like the smell of it. So I’m going to get the regular B Complex (the smaller tablet) from the pharmacy later today.  Then, he fought off the Vetri DMG as well. I had to repeat the dosage because all of it was wasted the first round.

He is also very cunning and tried to escape many times yesterday. Apart from the coughing last night (which isn’t a good sign), he seems very strong now.

But Zurik is dehydrated, so we did his first home subcut this morning.

Surprisingly, no resistance at all.

Maybe he was too distracted by the new environment and was busy looking for an escape possibility.

150ml done.

Therapy Tabs was on standby to help.

A “makan” reward after subcut. Of course, everyone gets too.

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