Bunny in the morning

I was very worried about Bunny last night. Although he ate, he seemed very down and depressed.

Was it due to the pain?  He was already on the transdermal Tramadol (as a painkiller).  I asked the vet if I could give him some B Complex (the sunshine vitamin) and she said yes. So I gave him last night.

This morning, he still seems tired and listless. But he ate.

Cleo isn’t making such a fuss these days. She eats her Cubgrub with the fish oil in it (Yay!). But for some strange reason, Cleo wants kibble nowadays. I don’t know why. She used to be a rawfood-only cat, but now, she wants kibble?

Last night, Bunny ate Recovery (the texture is more liquid than AD, which is sticky), so I gave it to him again today and he ate it, but not voraciously.

This is Bunny’s Metrogyl (the antibiotic) and B Complex, both wrapped in bread to mask the smell and taste and the transdermal Tramadol (applied to the inside of the ear).

I hope Bunny feels better soon. Today is two days after the surgery.

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