Neutering aid for 1 cat in Mentakab (Ha Cheong Leng’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Mr Ha is a new applicant who previously did not like cats, but now, he rescues and looks after them!  Please read his story below.

My name is Ha Cheong Leng.

I am from mentakab, Pahang.
I used to hate cat, but recently I fell in love with cat since last may.
I began to adopt stray cat I found in front of my work place and from co workers.
Now I have adopted 6, 3 female and 3 male.
Which I had sprayed and nuetered.
But I seems to be attracting more and more cats.
Presently, there are four cats behind my house which I feed twice daily, and 1 is expecting.
There are also 5 cats at my work place, I is also expecting, which I also feed daily.
Two days ago I found 3 kittens at the rubbish bin closed to my house. The kittens are about 3 weeks old which I am feeding them with goat milk.
Then another male cat showed up in front of my house, he is so slinky, he can barely walk, and I am feeding him daily and gave him womb medicine.
I think I need your help in spraying all these cats because they are multiplying too fast, and I am spending quite a bit on their foods and medicine.
I approached two vets in my area, for assistance in spraying the cats.
But they offered no assistance.
Only this vet refer me to your organisation.
I hope you can help me with the cats.
My phone number is <removed>,
Tq very much.
Best regards.
We replied with our policies.
Dear. Dr. Chan

About three weeks ago, we heard a fainting sound at our porch when we got home at night after work.
We lived in mentakab, Pahang.
We found a male cat which cannot barely walk.
We felt pity for the cat, and since we love cat, we decided to save the cat. Presently we have 8 cats kept inside our home
I built a cage in our porch to keep this cat because we afraid the cat carried viruses that can harm our indoor cats.
We approach Dr. Chan for help in neutering this male cat because keeping so many cats can be a burden. Except for two male, all our cats are neutered. And by the ways, all my indoors cats are adopted stray.
Tq for your kind assistance.
Enclosed are the photos of the cats that I adopted and those I am taking care and feeding.

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