Zurik eats raw meat

I discovered yesterday that Zurik likes to eat raw chicken fillet! He doesn’t like Cubgrub (which is balanced and hence, better) but he likes raw chicken meat, so I went out to buy some.

Ginger also likes raw chicken, but not Cubgrub.

Although plain raw meat doesn’t have the full range of nutrients that cats need, but at least it does have some micronutrients (which may be destroyed through cooking) and also taurine, which is so important for cats. Cooking destroys the taurine in raw meat and that is why processed catfood has added taurine in it (all Cindy’s products have added taurine). I guess between cooked meat and raw meat, the latter is probably better.

Zurik seems “well” ever since he started on the steroids. I wonder if it is the steroids that is making him well. When we came back with the diagnosis of FIP, I was devastated as I know that’s the most dreaded feline diseases and once diagnosed, it is a matter of “weeks”.

But after joining the FIP Advisory group, a few of the professionals there opined that it could be something else as the blood profile, the positive corona virus and even the effusion in the lungs could be due to something else. The evidence that we have isn’t enough to confirm FIP, they said. They suggested toxoplasmosis or mycoplasma. The Rivalta test is known to rule out FIP, which means that if it is negative, it is 100% negative, but if it is positive, FIP is still “possible”.

I’ll share this chart again: FIPAC Effusive FIP diagnostics & Differentials chart

After work today, I will take Zurik to the clinic and get further tests done. If it is toxoplasmosis, it can be treated with antibiotics. However, I still have to be prepared for the worst because of the yellow, thick and sticky fluids from the lung cavity (which is telltale FIP). Sigh…

If only the fluids from the lung were transparent and not yellow…. And if the fluids were INSIDE the lung, then there’s a symptom of toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is also not contagious and is treatable, but it’s also a serious illness. At least it is treatable, unlike FIP.

It’s a lot to take in within such a short time.

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