Bunny’s updates

I updated the vet about Bunny every day. Compared with Cow, Bunny’s recovery from the dental procedure was significantly slower. I was worried for the first two days. But now, he is almost back to normal behaviour.

The vet said one of the reasons could be Bunny’s reaction to the transdermal Tramadol. Maybe the dosage was too high and it made Bunny sleepy. So, we reduced it to 0.1ml instead of 0.2ml. Also, I don’t think he needs it much longer as he hasn’t shown symptoms of pain.

Bunny was also squinting after the procedure and the squinting persisted for almost 3 days. The vet explained that this could be due to the gel applied to the eye during surgery to prevent drying (of the eyes). An eye drop was prescribed for this and I started with it last night.

Other than that, he is exhibiting normal behaviour already and is eating quite well now.

I had been waiting for a chance of see Bunny defecate and I got that chance this morning. The stools were normal.

All should be well now.

And Bunny can now stand proudly alongside Cow and say he too has the cleanest teeth in the clan!

I’m going to maintain their dental health with Orozyme as we cannot afford to do another dental scaling anymore (too risky as they get older) and also, by maintaining good dental hygiene, the probability of kidney disease is somewhat reduced.  There is a strong correlation between dental health and kidney disease.

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