Indy’s water intake

Indy has to drink more water in our attempt to get his creatinine level down (if at all possible) so that we can do his dental scaling and tooth extraction. Actually, among the four of them, Indy has the worst dental hygiene because of the presence of pus in his mouth.

However, due to the high creatinine reading, the procedure cannot be done yet.

But Indy is a kibble king, so this probably adds to the problem of insufficient water intake.

He used to drink a lot from the running tap and this happened throughout his life, but lately, he doesn’t ask for the running tap anymore.

Indy gets wetfood daily, so there’s moisture in that as well.

Now, he is given 200ml subcut every alternate day to increase the water in his body and hopefully, this helps excrete the creatinine.

I have also been adding quite a significant amount of water into his kibble, which he doesn’t mind. In fact, he asks for the water to be added nowadays!

Smart boy!

He knows what he needs.

Spider-Cat in action!!

Licking up the water in his kibble bowl.

Indy’s subcut this morning.

I still need an extra pairs of hands with the Spider-Cat as he is just too strong and is not comfortable with the procedure yet. He might just make a dash for it.

After the uneventful subcut, we brought Indy back to Bunny’s Room. Cow sniffed at him and a huge fight broke out. Fur flew. Luckily I managed to break them up.

Pole sniffing at the fur that flew out.

Then, another one almost broke out again, in the pantry. What’s with Spider-Cat and IronCat? Aren’t you two friends?

I had to spray water to break this one up.

All is well now. Phew!

P.S. Bunny was hiding in his tunnel.

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