Vaccination aid for 4 cats in Pandan Indah (Farah Diana bt Abdul Fuad’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the vaccinations for these 4 cats.

Dear Dr Chan,

First of all please accept my apology for the inconvenience caused. I understand if my application can be rejected due to my incomplete submission.
Here are the kittens details…
1) Pic 1 + 2: Zeus (Male) + Rey (Female)
Had been rescued when he was about 2 months old early this year Jan 2019. My sister had found it together with 2 other kittens; Rey and Leta (both about 1.5 to 2 months old female) in front of a shop in Pandan Indah. They looked lost and scared but ‘jinak’. The shopkeeper told her that someone had left them there and encouraged to take them. So she did. All of them had flu and sore eyes and were very hungry. We always have packs of kibbles and wetfood in the car, so on the way to the vet, they ate. The vet had treated them and after 2 weeks of medicines, they have been recovered from their sickness trauma and happy running inside the house and for safety we monitored them if we let them outside the house. As usual, we keep them safely in cage at night.
2) Pic 3 + 4 : Simba + Solo (Male)
In January 2019, a week after we got the 3 kittens above, Simba was found left in our house backyard drainage, Sri Gombak, Batu Caves. He had been meowing loudly since early morning and my mother and sister immediately rescued him. Simba was about the same age as the 3 kittens. So we put it in cage before taking to the vet for check-up. He had fleas, sore eyes and very hungry. After confirming his health, we have put Simba together with the others to make friends.
Few days after that, Solo came along. My sister and I heard a kitten, about 3-4 weeks old meowing loudly from a neighbour 3 houses away from our home. And after checking we saw Solo frantically trying to run and hide at the car porch while meowing so loudly. We called out the neighbour and asked if the kitten was her. She confirmed it was not hers. It was not easy as Solo was so traumatic that we had difficulty to catch him even after given kitten wetfood, he still refused to come close. The neighbour tried to help but failed. He finally escaped from the wired gate and ran under all the cars parked in front of the neighbourhood. After failing all attempts to save him, we decided to leave him alone and left the wetfood as near as possible to him, while he still meowing loudly. Luckily, all of our senior cats followed us to the neighbour house, so when Solo saw them, he immediately followed them while they followed us walking back to our house. But Solo was still hiding and finally only the next day, we managed to saved him and put him in cage before taking to the vet. Solo had infested with fleas, sore eyes and malnutrition with diarrhea. After treated and confirming his health, we have put Solo together with the others in one multi-tier cage to make friends.
The vaccinations given after the vet had confirmed they are all healthy. Unfortunately, Leta was not fit enough and was having flu so her vaccinations will be next.
Once again, apology for the inconvenience caused.
Till my next update.
Thank you very much, Dr Chan and have a pleasant night.

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