Zurik’s test results – it IS FIP

All my hopes are dashed now.  The Rivalta test was positive, which means there is an 86% chance that it is FIP.  Coupled with the pleural effusion where the liquid is yellow and sticky, the positive corona virus test on the blood and the ALB/GLOB ratio being 0.5, it all points towards FIP.

My last hope was the Rivalta test. I had hoped it would be negative, but it isn’t. It’s positive. There was a small blob which shows the presence of exudate protein. The protein level in the effusion was also measured with a refractometer and it stands at 6.5 which is high.

We have also ruled out heart problems like hypertension and ruled out toxoplasmosis as well. We’ve also ruled out cancer because the effusion mostly consists of protein, not cells.

FIP “diagnosis” is through exclusion. We can only rule out other possibilities and finally come to a conclusion that it is FIP based on several symptoms.

Zurik doesn’t know and I should not make him worry about me. I’m just very devastated at this point in time because all hopes have just been dashed completely.

It is uncommon for a geriatric cat to get FIP. He must have had the corona virus dormant in him for a long, long time, then due to a lowered immunity or some stress, it mutated into the FIP virus.

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