Zurik’s update

I’ve been doing my best to find out about the Rivalta Test and so far, there are two clinics that has done it before. In yesterday’s post, if you viewed the video, you’d see how relatively easy it can be done. It just needs a test-tube, water, a few drops of vinegar and one drop of the pleural effusion. Then, hope that the jellyfish will NOT appear.

The vet kept Zurik’s effusion aspirated from yesterday. I was told that the test “failed” yesterday because the vinegar was too diluted. Hopefully, we have the correct vinegar today. I will go after work to see what can be done.

Zurik also loves kibble, but now, he likes raw chicken fillet too. So I bought this for him. I also bought two flavours of Cindy’s Naturelle kibble so that he has variety – Salmon Recipe (which has chicken) and Chicken&Turkey (for protein rotation). He likes them both.

Since Zurik is on steroids and it is giving him a good appetite, I would want him to eat as much as he likes.

“Being able to eat is prosperity”, so says a Chinese proverb.

Being able to eat can be a yardstick for happiness too.

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