Ginger’s back home…..with two teeth extracted!

Today was Ginger’s turn.

This was after he was put on drips, before surgery. He wasn’t frightened like Cow or Bunny (who was terrified). Ginger was as cool as a cucumber, looking around curiously.

This is after the surgery – totally wide awake and curious.

Probably saying, “Hmm….why am I here? Did anything happen?”

The vet intern said, “Ginger is a chill cat!”.  Haha….he is, he is!

Two teeth extracted. Actually, only one rotten one extracted and one was already loose so it was just removed. Now, scaling all done, Ginger has the cleanest teeth! Will maintain on Orozyme.

He was wide awake, so he mewed on the way home.

I quickly put on the soft e-collar when we reached home.

Zurik sleeps on top of the piano now and he is saying, “WHO is that baby cow?”

Ginger was hungry when he smelled the AD I fed Zurik (for this medication), so I gave him some AD too, which he happily ate! No, no pain. What pain?

As the vet intern said, every cat is different. Bunny didn’t do well after surgery and there was so much pain after that. Ginger also has 4 stitches, but looks like he is completely okay with it!

Let’s hope Ginger is still okay after any numbing dissipates.

Next would be Indy’s turn but we don’t know when that would be. Until his creatinine goes down, probably. We did his subcut this morning.

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