It’s Ginger’s turn today

For a few days now, Ginger has been occupying the “sick bay”. I prepared this for Bunny with fresh towels but Bunny only used it for one night. Then, Ginger quickly took over. We think it’s a territorial thing, or is it because he knows he is going in for a dental procedure and might need to be in the “sick bay”.  We will never know what cats know or how much they actually “know”.

I got up at 5am today to make sure Ginger is fed by 5.30am because his procedure is after 1pm.  That would satisfy the minimum 6 hours of fasting before surgery.  Of course he kept coming to ask for dim sum as is his eating habit, he got it, but only up to 5.30am just now.

Ginger cannot eat much at one go. That’s just how it is with his digestive system. But he eats frequent very small dim-sum meals.

My worry would be is that he is a little obese, so would it take longer for his body to expel the anaesthesia?

Ginger has always had a bit of bad breath. A few years ago, I brought him in for a check-up and it was found that he already has gum problems. We didn’t know then (nor were we advised) that gum problems can lead to kidney problems. Now we know, so something has to be done about it.  Call it preemptive measures, if you like. One experience with Vincent’s last stage kidney failure is enough to “scare” me.

I hope all will go well today.  Thank you in advance, for all your good wishes, dear friends.

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