Zurik is strong!

I guess Zurik has regained his strength now (which is good). He has becoming quite choosy with food too, something which I’m learning now. Previously, as you know, he only came for meals 2-3 times a day and would disappear after that.

He does like to sit under our cars in the porch and also the shoe rack.  Other than that, he would be in his roof sanctuary.

Now (as in currently), he likes to eat raw chicken fillet. He won’t eat Cubgrub, just raw cut-up chicken fillet. I’ll just give him whatever he likes to eat.

But it gets VERY tricky, as I’ve discovered two days ago. While he is eating, if you were to add another type of food into his bowl, you run the risk of him abandoning what he is eating and walking away….oh no!!

Yups, he does that.

So, today, I let him eat his raw chicken first. Kept adding as much as he wants. Then, I placed a bowl of canned food next to this bowl. Yes, it in separate bowl. He didn’t want to canned food, but he also did not walk away…phew. I also placed a third bowl of Cubgrub – tak mahu.  Okay, it’s alright. Never mind.

Zurik loves kibble, I know.  But I do want him to eat some wetfood before resorting to kibble. Due to the steroids, he comes very often for snacks, so he gets kibble as snacks.

It’s all about making him as happy as possible.

However, Zurik is also extremely smart and cunning. He has been going upstairs very quietly in the middle of the night (every night) to try to escape through Jia-Wen’s window. Luckily we have netting installed in all the windows (this was done in batches during Rosie, Daffodil and finally, Vincent’s treatment periods).  Zurik is a thinker, he might figure out a way to escape. He is patient and he perseveres.

Zurik is on half tablet of steroids (for anti-inflammatory purposes) and Vetri DMG (to boost immunity). This is the recommended “treatment” protocol for FIP. It is actually not so much of a “treatment” as FIP has no cure. It would be more correct to call it palliative support.  I also give him B Complex and fish oil.

But from the second day after diagnosis, he has been resisting these supplements. On the first day, he was a total pussy cat.

Previously, I’ve never given him any liquid supplements before. It’s always been tablets (for sporo, for his mange – which he took like a pussy cat), so I just discovered that he doesn’t like liquid supplements.

Zurik weighed 4.1kg last night. He was 3.9kg at the vet’s and went down to 3.7kg later. Now, it’s gone up a little bit. Every little bit counts.

Some trivia – we have four names for Zurik. There’s his official name, “Mister Zurik”, there’s Zurik and there’s also his manja-names of Zuzu and Zu.

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