Managing Mr Zurik and an informative FAQ on FIP

I thought I’d write a separate post on Zurik here, in case anyone is following his story.

Zurik ate three breakfasts this morning but they were all small meals. It looks like he likes Ginger’s idea of “dim sum”! Well, anything for Zurik, especially when he is able to eat.

Zurik doesn’t mind tablets (wrapped in bread), but it looks like he HATES liquids being syringed into his mouth. I cannot risk putting the liquid into his food because the mere smell of it might make him walk away. So far, he does try to spit out the liquids. Luckily the dosage for RetroMAD1 is a much higher one based on the advice of the vet-friend who was a pioneer during the testing period, so Zurik definitely gets the minimum recommended dose on the bottle but maybe not this higher dose. He has a knack of spitting out the liquid. Somehow, there will be droplets on the floor after I give it to him.

The corona virus can be destroyed with soap and water. And if I heard correctly, so can the FIP virus too, but then again, remember….”we don’t know enough about this disease”.

Whenever I am home, I monitor the water bowls closely and right after Zurik has drunk from it, the bowl will be washed with soap and water, and refilled. I just read from one of the websites that hot soap and water is recommended, so I shall use that from now on. All of Zurik’s utensils are also washed with soap immediately after being used. There is no more sharing of food now.

The FIP Advisory group did assure me that FIP is not contagious, but a few local vets have advised to play it safe.

This seems to be a good and very informative website:

This is an answer from one of the questions:

There is not a lot you can do; by the time one cat is sick, the remaining cats have already been exposed to the same FECV. Fortunately, cats that have FIP do not usually shed the FIPV from their bodies. If they do shed virus, it is of the FECV type.

FECV is the corona virus while FIPV is the mutated form of this virus (FIP virus) which we don’t know much about.

Viruses! They are so deadly and they are not even a life form.

Please do take note that whatever I share here is done so with the best of intentions for educational purposes. What Zurik has is known as the effusive or “wet form” of FIP. There is also a dry form which I know nothing about.  If your cat has either form (I hope not!), please consult your veterinarian for professional advice.

Every cat is different.  There is no one protocol that fits all.

2 comments to Managing Mr Zurik and an informative FAQ on FIP

  • Haniz Rawi

    Your words on Zurik’s predicament really put me to shame Dr Chan 😿. My cats died of FIP. I thought I tried enough but I obviously didn’t. I ended up put some of them to sleep to end their sufferings. Here’s wishing Zurik all the best and to you too, may you continue with the strength to carry on.

    • chankahyein

      Oh, please do not feel bad. I’m sure we all do everything we can to the best of our ability. And since we don’t know enough, we have to rely on professionals to advise us.

      I’ve just been through last stage (end stage) kidney failure with Vincent. It just almost exactly one month (eerily, exactly one month) and now Zurik has FIP. It’s tough. Hardly any time to rest and recover.

      Thank you for your kind wishes.