The bench “problem” and “stink” stories

It’s always been a problem…for more than seven years already.

Ever since we bought it.

We bought this beautiful teak bench for the cats when we first moved in. But soon enough, it became a target of spraying by the alpha-amigos, Cow, Bunny and Indy.

You can imagine how difficult it was to wipe the bench with urine seeping into the gaps and over time, surely the acidity of the urine would spoil the wood too.

So I covered it with bedsheets and have been doing this for seven years now. Of course the alpha-amigos sprayed on the bedsheets, hence every 1-2 days, the bedsheet would have to be washed and changed. I have three bedsheets for this purpose.

During the one-year exile period (Feb 2017 to about Dec 2017) where Cow and Bunny lived mostly in the pantry, the bedsheets were spray-free, sometimes even for weeks (until one of them sneaked in), but since The Wall was demolished, Cow and Bunny have total access to come in again and of course the spraying started again.

Two days ago, I removed the stained bedsheet for washing and a thought came to mind – are they spraying on the bedsheet because of habit, ie. spraying onto the cloth (bedsheet) had become an ingrained habit? What if I removed the cloth??

Aha….let’s try!

So far, touch wood, the bench has been spray-free for almost two days now. Well, actually, one-and-a-half days only.  But the other places are still targets (the polycarb on the door, the cabinet doors, the wall at my desk, etc.).  But at least these can be wiped more effectively.


Yes, it’s yours, Cleo. We know.

But now, there doesn’t seem to be a stinky smell anymore (or have I got used to it?), but I think it’s true and that’s sad too because it means everyone’s kidney isn’t concentrating urine as much as before.

However, Ginger and Heidi’s urine still stink (yes, that’s a good thing). They do it at the drainhole in the bathroom, so I know.

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