The other “patients” and the other stories

This is Ginger’s daily routine – the whining.

And the dim sum.

I did ask the vet intern yesterday why Ginger is obese thought he eats “little”. We finally concluded that maybe it is because Ginger is not active. He doesn’t run around much unless he escapes, then he will chase the outside cats and will be really fast (Usain Bolt might not even be able to do Ginger’s short sprints).

On another note, the day we brought Zurik inside, Lanky “applied” for permanent residence at our porch. Yes, he came, but sorry Lanky, we are not taking in anymore. This is all I can handle.  Buddy has the wisdom to sit under one of our cats OUTSIDE our house. He does come in occasionally but since there is no food being served anymore, I think he gets the message.

All Ginger eats would be a few pellets, then Heidi takes over.

While Ginger was back to normal the moment he woke up from the anaesthesia, Bunny, who had his surgery on Monday (it’s been six days now) is still not completely back to normal yet. This morning, he vomited his breakfast, which may or may not be due to his tooth extraction. Most likely, not, as Bunny does have a weak stomach. Ever since his surgery, he has flatly refused the wet renal food. He only eats Cubgrub now and of course, kibble.

Cow has no issues, of course.

Bunny Bun Buns…when will you be back to 100%?

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