Good morning, Mr Zurik!

The morning started at 5.00am for us today.

Mr Zurik was waiting for me near the stairs as I came down.

He went into the kitchen for wait for food. His breakfast has been raw chicken fillet for the past few days. He seems to love it. I know raw chicken fillet is not balanced, but he does eat other food later, so I’ll just ensure he has a fairly balanced meal for the day.  Right now, it’s already a bonus that he has an appetite and is able to eat. In fact, if we didn’t know he has FIP, we’d think that nothing is wrong at all.

After the raw chicken meal, he went out, back to the dining area.

I fed everyone else. Then, Ginger’s antibiotics and last was Zurik’s medicines.  In the morning, he has to take more, ie. (1) steroids (2) B Complex (3) Fish oil (Coatex) and (4) RetroMAD1. The tablets are easier to feed. Zurik does not like liquids syringed into his mouth (exactly like Vincent too). So, I would keep the (5) Vetri DMG for later.

Coincidentally, Zurik’s diagnosis (13th April) was exactly a month after Vincent passed away (14th March 2019). For those new to the blog, Vincent passed on after a brave and very eventful battle with last stage kidney failure. What Zurik has now is highly suspected to be FIP. The two are not related at all. Zurik’s kidney readings are all good, which was rather surprising for an outdoor community cat who was fed mostly kibble. Of course I’m so glad that his kidneys are all good. But FIP is a big blow since there is no cure.

For the rest of the day, there will be no more medicines except for the RetroMAD1 again which is given three times a day with food. I use AD as the food. It would be better if he were willing to lick the AD himself, which he does, sometimes.

I still cannot take the risk of mixing any of the liquid medicines with food because Zurik might just walk away from it. Not only would the liquid medicines be wasted (and RetroMAD1 is very expensive!) but he might associate the smell of the food with the medicine and boycott that food!

It’s also not exactly easy feeding Mr Zurik as he is not a food-machine like Bunny (who will eat anything and everything!). Mr Zurik loves kibble (I have 3 flavours to rotate to keep it interesting for him). He also eats Cindy’s Tender Chicken canned food and now, raw chicken. I’d want him to have some wetfood, of course.

So, the medicines were done and right after that, Mr Zurik trotted into the kitchen to ask for food again. I know this round means he wants kibble. He eats frequently, which is good. Anytime that he wants to eat IS good.

Heidi and Ginger also had some, as usual. But not Tabs, she went back upstairs to sleep!

Mr Zurik only sleeps in two places now – atop the piano or on the dining chairs. He liked the living room chairs earlier, but now it’s just these two places.

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