Zurik gets an inside view and more about RetroMAD1

Heidi: I haven’t been out for taiji for SO long!!
Ginger: I haven’t been out to chase Buddy and Lanky for SO long too!!

Zurik: I’m quite settled in the house. Not going out. 

But I do miss having Heidi or Zurik accompany me for taiji.  Zurik acts as a bodyguard. He sits nearby and waits for me. Then, he follows me back like a dutiful and loyal guard dog. I wanted to give all of what I could in turn for the unconditional love he was giving me. His nausea was kicking back and regurgitating, and I had to click here to understand what remedies I could take up.

Heidi, on the other hand, is not so “dutiful”. She goes off to eat grass and normally will refuse to come back with us as that’s beneath her.

Why should I follow you humans? I will come back on my own, in my own time, when I decide so.  

And this a problem now because it’s too dangerous to leave any animal in the outside environment these days. The country is becoming very animal-unfriendly.

A lot of Malaysians also think that the AWA2015 is a good thing. As for the higher penalty for offences on cruelty to animals, yes, that IS good, but have the people read the AWA2015 in its entirety? Do they know what is really in it? Before it was gazetted, we urged people to read it in its entirety, but this fell on deaf ears. People took the easy way out and just relied on social media and whatever was cherry-picked by certain authorities to be highlighted. People don’t read. Period. Many things are beyond our control. Politicians are in control as far as the law is concerned and we are all governed by the law. But if we know what is brewing and foresee possible outcomes, then at least we can be prepared to face it.

But let’s get back to Mr Zurik now.

Our gardener came to mow the lawn, so Mr Zurik was interested in what was going on. He used to just run off to the roof sanctuary whenever this happened in the past, but now, he gets to be an inside spectator.

Zurik’s vet texted to ask how he is. I sent this photo and she remarked that he looks very alert and if he is eating (which he is), that is good.

Be well and happy, Zurik.

It is literally one day at a time.

I spoke with the scientist who founded RetroMAD1 this morning. The first time we met was in August 2011. It has been almost 8 years and I am surprised he still remembers me and everything that we discussed way back then. We tested RetroMAD1 in several cases where it was successful for FIV and Parvovirus, but sadly, not FIP.

Our meeting in 2011: https://myanimalcare.org/2011/08/03/meeting-up-with-the-scientist-himself-retromad1/

Based on their research after all these years, the chances of prolonging life in FIP with RetroMAD1 stands at only 15-20%. Considering that the disease is dreadfully fatal, this percentage is already “good”, I suppose.

The scientist agrees with the 3x normal dosage, which was already advised by my vet-friend who was the first vet to participate in the trials back in 2011.

RetroMAD1 is our only hope now because there is nothing else available for FIP.

I cannot thank Anita enough for giving Zurik her two bottles. Should he need more, it is now available for purchase in PJ.

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