Zurik’s breakfast and learning more about FIP

Zurik had his favourite raw chicken fillet for breakfast this morning and so did Ginger.

How lazy is Ginger? Look at how he LIES DOWN to eat!!

Zurik, after breakfast and his morning medication.

I know it’s been a whirlwind week and I’m still attempting to find out as much as I can about FIP so that I am more confident in managing and looking after Zurik.

I asked the FIP Advisory group about the theory that immunostimulants (like Vetri DMG) should not be given because FIP results from the immune system over-reacting and causing vasculitis (inflammation) which in turn causes the effusion. They do not agree with this theory. On the contrary, they opine that FIP is a disease that results from a failure of the immune system so it stands to reason that in order to fight back, you need the immune system to function. Hence, immunostimulants are needed.

Hmm…so it’s two opposing theories here.

The group also opines that while steroids are needed, they do have side effects of lowering the immunity on prolonged use, so it might be wise to taper off the steroids LATER. Not now. It seems to be doing its job now, so we will stay on the anti-inflammatory dose.

So yes, the above makes sense to me. As his caregiver, I have to decide what is best for Zurik.

The 2.5mg steroid stays. Vetri DMG stays. RetroMAD1 (definitely) stays.

I trust Zurik’s vet.

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  • Yen Ling

    Aiyoh, Ginger! Zurik is looking much better. Very alert. Keep up the good work, Dr Chan. Positive energy to you and all the cats ^^)