Which are the animal rescue teams, please?

Dear Everyone,

We are compiling a list of animal rescue teams because there seems to be an urgent need for such teams.  If you know of any individual, group, team or organisation that can do animal rescue work, please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com or leave a comment in this blogpost.

We often receive requests to rescue animals from the street, but as one person, I cannot do this anymore. In the past, I often had to end up personally paying for the entire medical bill AND adopting the animal as well.

I can no longer do this now.

When I receive calls asking us to go “pick up” an injured animal, we explain that we don’t have such a service, so can this caller please send the injured animal to the vet instead? Often, this would be met by either (1) an unpleasant exchange because they think any animal organisation is “supposed” to do rescue or (2) a desperation to contact any rescue team that can help.

It is for the second group that I am writing this post.

AnimalCare does not do rescue. We only offer our neutering and vaccination aid to people who do rescue and caregiving work. All animal organisations have their own scope of work and what services they can offer. We hope people will respect this.

Thank you.

This was a long, long time ago, in Pulau Ketam, right after the dog-dumping tragedy. This dog was spayed in a mass neutering event but the owner did not want her anymore. We took her back on the ferry and she was subsequently adopted. Her name is Mulan.

We were alerted to Joanie’s plight by a highly irresponsible (but famous) feeder in Old Klang Road. She had noticed her lying by the roadside for two weeks, with obstructed labour but she did not do anything. Finally, she called me to go “pick up the cat”. Joanie was ice-cold when we picked her up. The vets said it would be impossible to save her as the three fetuses inside her had decomposed and turned necrotic. Joanie’s eyes showed possible brain damage. The vets did an emergency surgery and advised that she might not make it through the night, Joanie survived it and was discharged after 4 days. It was a total miracle. I brought Joanie home to nurse her as her feeder wasn’t interested anymore. However, Joanie finally escaped back to the street.

Tiger, the Sunny Kittens (Rex, Foxy and Honeybear) and the Blueys (Baggy and Baloo) were also other people’s rescues, sent to me (the Blueys was by emotional blackmail). Indy was found in a drain (at about 2 weeks old) and again, someone alerted me to help pick him up. I was only supposed to look after Indy for two weeks. He has been with me for 11 years now.

But no, I am not doing anymore of such “pick-up” services for anyone because I cannot adopt anymore. And I would appreciate very much if friends do not pass my phone number around without my consent to all and sundry.

Emotional blackmail will not work either.

2 comments to Which are the animal rescue teams, please?

  • Shamiela

    Well said. We can only do so much. I have one such neighbour who keep asking us to rescue any pregnant cat that gives birth in her house. We did it once or twice but we ended up with the costs and responsibility for all of them (i dont mind but it takes a toll). Finally I had to put a stop as they are taking advantage. I give her advice on what to do in this type of cases i.e. spay tge mother after birth, take care of the kittens until they can be vaccinated and put them up for adoption which has fallen on deaf ears. She even threatened to dump the mother cat and kittens in the market and the funny thing is they identify themselves as animal lovers.

    • chankahyein

      I know exactly what you mean. I have encountered similar people too and yes, they call themselves animal lovers.