Zurik’s feud with Heidi

For two days now, I have witnessed Heidi bullying Zurik.

The first time, I saw Heidi whack him with her paw. The second time, I saw them both in a stand-off and this time, Zurik wasn’t shying away anymore. He was standing his ground.

Good for you, Mr Z!

This is a neutral-face.

We classify Mr Zurik’s face into three categories which goes with how he is feeling. (1) Pussy-cat face, (2) Neutral face and (3) the KGB face (with the menacing eyes).

This is also a neutral face.

Enjoying freshly steamed sardines yesterday.

This is the KGB face. Look at those classic menacing eyes.

This is a pussy-cat face. He looks like Tabs now.

Another stand-off with Heidi but this is an unfair stand-off because it was during the thunderstorm and Heidi has an advantage over Zurik because the former is not afraid of thunder while the latter is. Very. So, “tak kira”.

“Tak aci”.

Tomorrow will be Zurik’s check-up and if need be, aspiration of the pleural effusion from his lung cavity. I saw Zurik coughing a bit last night and my heart sank. I have been monitoring his breathing pattern and since last week, it has been averaging at 15 beats per 30 seconds. It hasn’t changed. Of course it is much faster than that of an average calm cat, but the fact that it hasn’t changed…is that good? I guess it is.

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