The day Ginger got trapped!

It was yesterday.

And it did not happen outside (thank goodness!). It happened in the house, at the patio.

Ginger has been occupying the cage at the patio as his “property” ever since I used it to house Cow (after his dental) and also Bunny (after his dental). That was when Ginger started going in to occupy it.

Before this, nobody went into the patio cage. It was an understanding that that cage is the sick bay. Only sick people went in. Hence, no un-sick person of sound mind would go in.

Coincidentally, this very cage was also the cage where Ginger occupied when he first came to our house to ask for help for his almost gangrenous paw wound due to a vicious bite from Mr Quack, the neighbourhood terrorist of the highest order (because even we humans were terrified of him). If Zurik was KGB, then Mr Quack would be in the ranks of, say, Genghis Khan or Atilla the Hun. If Zurik has menacing eyes, Mr Quack’s was ten times more terrifying.

So it was yesterday that I noticed Ginger hadn’t come for dim sum for a few hours, but I didn’t look for him because sometimes he does take long naps.

It was only when there was a thunderstorm that I started looking for everyone.

Well, I found everyone except Ginger.

Finally, I found him – he was “trapped” in the cage.

Now, nobody trapped him there. The door of the cage was merely “almost closed”. It was definitely not locked at all. All Ginger would have had to do would be to nudge the door open with his snout or paw. That was all.

But he didn’t know how to do it.

Ginger, are you a cat or what??

So, he remained stuck there and when found him, he was sitting up, looking very anxious and I could almost hear him say, “I’m trapped!!  I’m trapped!!  Why didn’t anyone come look for me???  Do you know how long I’ve been TRAPPED here??!!!”

I am almost sure Daffodil would have smacked him on the head as she was often fond of doing those days.  “You silly boy, just push the door open, for goodness’ sake!”, she might have said.

So I opened the door, and Ginger rushed to the kitchen. He wasn’t afraid of any thunderstorm, he had missed a few rounds of dim sum!!

Gimme, gimme, gimme….dim sum!!

Yes, he ate no less than three helpings of dim sum!

There he is again, this morning, in the cage.

Let’s hope he doesn’t “trap” himself again!

So, HOW can we let him out of Stargate2, right?  No wonder Daffodil spent her lifetime looking after Rosie and Ginger and did not abandon them throughout their lives.

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