What plan are you brewing, Mr Zurik?

He’s up to something, I know.

I think he is planning an escape so we are on Code Yellow and high vigilance today.

I “measured” Mr Zurik’s breathing last night while he was asleep. It was 11 breaths for 30 seconds! Previously, it was 15 breaths. While I know this is a very unscientific way of determining whether his breathing is laboured or not, it’s still good that it isn’t 20 or 25, right?

He ate two breakfasts today and I have given him all his medicines. I have not perfected the art of giving him liquids yet. He hates liquids and HE has perfected a way to spit the liquids out. So this morning, I tried a different method. I syringed in the liquid in small portions and rewarded him with Nutrigel Plus in between. I don’t know if it worked, though.

Previously, I emptied the syringe at one go and I thought, “Wow! I did it!” but it wasn’t a success. Just as I managed to get the whole amount in, he managed to spit most of it out as well.

So, little by little is the way to go now.

Tablets is not a problem at all. That’s easy.  It’s liquids that is the problem.

Today is Mr Zurik’s appointment at the vet’s. He “seems” to have improved and he certainly looks well, but we know there is no turning back from FIP….

Moment by moment, then.

We all have to die one day, that’s a fact. But why can’ t we just live happily and when it is time to go, we just yawn, go to sleep and never wake up again?  Wouldn’t that have been a much, much better “design” for sentient beings to exit from life?

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