Mr Zurik’s news

Zurik is on twice-day steroids now, but still within the anti-inflammatory dosage. We can only hope that this will reduce the inflammation and thus, reduce the effusion.

As explained by the vet, his body will adjust and get used to the fluids in the lung cavity. So it will appear that he can breathe “quite well” but this doesn’t mean that the lung cavity isn’t filling up. As evidenced by Wednesdays’ aspiration, there was 90ml of very thick yellow fluids pulled out. That was only in 7 days. Based on just the numbers, it has increased.

The second aspiration was 40ml after 4 days. The third was 90ml after 7 days. So, that’s an increase.

Typical in FIP, the effusion will increase and become even more yellow.


Yesterday, I gave Zurik RC Recovery for a change, but he didn’t quite like it too.

I have no choice but the use AD for the food that goes with the RetroMAD1 (best given with food), so he associates AD with that (not a pleasant association).

He ate his raw chicken fillet this morning and later, kibble. Zurik loves kibble but he needs high protein, so I have ordered another brand of kibble which comes with 42% protein.

Anything and everything for Mr Zurik.

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