The alpha-amigos

Bunny can sleep for HOURS in the same position.

But nothing beats sleeping on someone for the warmth.

When I’m in the room, he will sleep on my lap. And he is heavy, so pins and needles will surely follow!

Indy seldom gets the wooden chair these days.

The group dynamics have changed ever since “The Wall” came down and Cow and Bunny have free access to the room again.

This is Cow’ Jabba-the-Hut pose.

Cow’s afternoon nap.

I did Indy’s subcut singlehandedly today. No struggle. But the 200ml took slower than usual. I wonder if it’s because Indy is very “dense”? Indy’s check-up is in mid-May. We are doing alternate-day subcut with the hope of lowering his creatinine level.

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