Cat tunnels for the cats!

Seeing how Heidi loves the laundry basket, we decided to buy cat tunnels from Ikea today! Also, Ginger needs to exercise so we are hoping he will play in the tunnels.

Heidi was the first to try out the tunnel. She wasn’t scared. She ran in and came out, and sped off into her safehouse!

Ginger had to check it out first. On the outside.

Tabs didn’t dare go in. What if it’s a trap??

Finally Ginger went in.

We bought two – one for the Cow Clan and one for the Blanket Cats. But Zurik wasn’t interested. He was sleeping on the sofa while everyone was checking out the tunnels.

Before the Blanket Cats placed their scent one of the tunnel, I quickly brought it in for the Cow Clan.

Surprisingly, Pole was the first to check it out. The other four were more interested in waiting for food at the pantry.

After eating, the four came in and started checking out this strange-looking object. As expected, someone sprayed onto it. Sigh…I knew this would happen. I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen!

None of them dared to go in! The Cow Clan is super cautious. They take no chances. They trust no one.

So I cleaned up the spray and put a bowl of kibble inside it.

Of course the Kibble King came. How could be possibly pass up a bowl of kibble, right?

Come on, come on…come into the parlour….

Nope, not yet.

Aww…finally, the tai-kor, Cow, came in. Cow is the protector of the clan. He will be at the front lines. He will diffuse the bomb, if any.

Cow: I’m not here for the food, I’m checking out to ensure the food is safe for everyone. 

Indy: Rats! I should have gone in first. Now, Cow is eating up all the kibble. 

Indy could not resist the call of the kibble anymore, so in he went.

Bunny is asking Cow if it’s safe to go in.

Before Bunny could, Cleo is already inside. The Queen shall not stay behind, she is at the front lines too.

Cleo: I am a warrior-queen. I shall lead my troops to battle!

I went out to get some more food and by the time I returned, someone had sprayed inside the middle of the tunnel…sigh.

Oh well, washed and being dried now….

We will most likely put this one upstairs for Heidi and Tabs to play when they go upstairs every night. Looks like the Cow Clan isn’t too interested in it.

You can also connect the two tunnels together as it comes with fitting velcro straps.

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