Pole’s vomiting problem

Pole vomited many times yesterday. I think it could be due to a different brand of fish oil that I tried out with wetfood. After eating that, she vomited no less than 10 times, but initially, it was the food she had eaten, then followed by many rounds of small amounts of whitish bile. It did not look serious enough to warrant a trip to the vet’s. Knowing Pole, she would be totally freaked out of a car trip and that itself could do more harm than good.

By night time, she asked for food, but nothing seemed right. She would sniff at the food and run away.

This morning, everything seems okay…so far.

Pole didn’t want her Cubgrub (raw food), she only wanted kibble, so I gave her what she wanted.

She ate twice.

Hopefully, she will be okay today.

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