Solid Gold superfood for Zurik and everyone!

I was looking for a high protein kibble for Zurik (since he loves kibble so much). Coincidentally, Ecopet Sdn Bhd (sister company of Avant Pet) just brought in their latest product from the USA, Solid Gold.


The question isn’t “what is Solid Gold,” it’s “who is Solid Gold.” Solid Gold is a group of animal lovers, explorers, and nutritionists who want to give their pets the best. Our pets give so much to us so we’ve made it our mission to return the favor by giving them what they deserve – premium, holistic, natural products that allow these amazing animals to look and feel great while they live life to the fullest.

This mission began in 1974 when a pioneering, animal-loving woman by the name of Sissy Harrington McGill decided her dogs deserved a nutritious, natural food that would keep them happy and healthy. Thus, our flagship product, Hund-N-Flocken was born. Sissy believed everyone’s pets deserved the best as well and built a strong following of pets and their owners, sample by sample. Now, over 40 years later, Solid Gold has a well-developed line of natural and holistic dry foods, canned foods, treats, and supplements for both dogs and cats.

I ordered four flavours and the products arrived today!

Indigo Moon is their bestseller – there’s chicken and alaskan pollock. I also ordered Stay In because this contains more fibre and Bunny needs fibre as he has a bit of constipation problem.

Indigo Moon contains egg too. Good for Zurik.

Solid Gold passed the test with Zurik, Heidi, Tabs and Ginger.

This is what I was looking for for Zurik since he loves kibble so much.

Next, the Cow Clan.

Cow, Bunny, Indy and Cleo loved it. I was a bit surprised that Cleo did not hesitate in eating it because she is a super-cautious cat and she trusts no one.

Pole is still not 100% well from her vomiting yesterday.

Would you like to try a bit of the new kibble, Pole?

Yes, she ate it too!

For supper just now, everyone had Solid Gold, but this time, Zurik wasn’t too interested. He wanted Cindy’s Salmon Recipe. Well, any change in food should be done gradually, so we shall do it gradually.

Meanwhile, we are selling Solid Gold (by donation) for fundraising. To order, please visit our Gift Shop:  Kindly note that all our prices for Avant Pet and Ecopet products are already discounted 10% from the recommended retail price.

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