Zurik plays with Heidi

Heidi is an old cat, but she still loves to play. Very often, she plays with Tabs. But since Tabs is a timid cat and Heidi can play rough, Tabs is often scared of Heidi.

Lately, Heidi has been playing inside our laundry basket. She loves going inside to scratch, roll about, then run off and hide in her safehouse (the blue carrier, which is hers).

Who would know that his simple laundry basket can be such a source of joy for Heidi’s playtime?!!

Zurik played with her today.

Heidi’s rules are quite simple. The moment she enters her safehouse, she’s SAFE and nobody can go after her.

Zurik knows the rules too.

The game ended with a nap…for both of them!

It’s so nice to see Zurik playing too!

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