Lunch at Little Wonders Cafe on SS18/6 Subang Jaya

Little Wonders Cafe is our go-to diner when we want 5-star meals served with the warmest hospitality, so near to home, at the most reasonable prices.

Today, there were 18 of us. It was a small family get-together with 13 adults and 3 young children.

The chef prepared a special vegetarian dish for my mum and two fruit salad which isn’t on the menu, by special request. My mum said it was absolutely delicious.

Their service has a very personal touch. When I requested a small salad for myself last week (not on the menu), the chef prepared a fruit salad of simple tastes which was exactly what I wanted without me saying so. How did they know that I don’t like balsamic vinegar and sauces? I didn’t tell them. Aha…that is the personal touch you get at Little Wonders. They make the extra effort to get to know you and your taste so that they can serve you better. And surprise you with it!

There’s this play area for children, filled with many toys.

My mum enjoying her specially prepared vegetarian dish.

The seniors of the day – 2nd sis-in-law, 2nd brother, 5th brother and us.

Our nieces and nephew and their spouses with their children.

Come savour the unique culinary experiences at Little Wonders Cafe, enjoy their warmest hospitality and take home happy memories with you!

Little Wonders Cafe is located at No. 51, SS18/6, Subang Jaya.

They serve meat and meat-free options and you can even make special requests!

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