Heidi bullies Zurik

What started off as playing has now become a case of bullying.

I have caught Heidi whacking Zurik at least two times so far. And on each occasion, I told Heidi off.

Today, Jia-Wen witnessed it all.

Zurik was sleeping on the sofa minding his own business. Heidi came, walked over to the sofa, put her two paws up and whacked Zurik, giving him a shock of his life (Zurik was sleeping).

Zurik then came down and fluffed himself up. Poor Zurik no longer fights now; his fighting days are over. He isn’t as strong as he used to be, especially with the FIP syndrome taxing on his lungs and his entire wellbeing.

Jia-Wen smacked Heidi for being naughty (yes, I would have done the same too).

Naughty, naughty Heidi.  We are watching her now to ensure she is properly told off and stopped in her tracks if she tries to bully Zurik again. She needs to be disciplined and taught that she cannot bully a friend just because the friend is weak.

Eating together.

Ginger does not bully Zurik anymore now. Heidi just started this bullying a few days ago, so we can still stop her.

My whole brood loves Indigo Moon Chicken from Solid Gold, but Zurik seems to have a preference for Cindy’s Salmon Recipe (which contains chicken too).  I ensure Zurik always get a bit of raw meat with every meal (as long as he is willing to eat it), and so far, he does get at least 3 raw meals per day. Raw meat has more of the nutrients which are necessary for the cat’s wellbeing. Even the FIP researchers recommend raw meat for FIP cats. Not only do they need high protein (to replenish the protein loss through vasculitis), they also need many nutrients that can be found more completely in raw meat.

The sad thing about FIP is that we are fighting a losing battle. As much as we try to replenish the protein loss, we will eventually lose this fight.  The disease will “win”.

Knowing this, we still have to provide the best possible support for Zurik or anyone with any terminal disease.

“Life” is a terminal disease anyway.  Time is relative. A quality and happy life is all that matters given that everyone has a limited time to be alive.

I faced the same protein-loss battle with Vincent too, so I do know what it is like.  But we provided our best to support him.

Zurik seems happy and is very alert and even curious.

He is confident enough to sleep at the patio with Ginger at night. Both of them have total access to the house at night. They can come through the grille.

In the day time, he sleeps on the shelf and gets some healing sun.

Ginger sleeps on his cage at night. Zurik on the chair.

This is the bully, Heidi.

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