Is Pole finally okay yet?

You might remember that Pole had a vomiting problem which started four days ago when I gave all of them a different brand of fish oil (yes, my fault, I shouldn’t have changed the brand).

Ever since then, she has not gone back to 100% yet.

I was monitoring her all day yesterday and there was no more vomiting. However, she still did not eat as much as she normally does.

This afternoon, she vomited at two spots, but it was just very small amounts and it was the white froth.

I texted her vet and was advised to bring her in tomorrow if the vomiting persists.

Then, I decided to let Pole rest and by dinner time, her appetite was back to normal!

She only wants Indigo Moon Chicken, the new food. But she ate three times, so I hope that’s a good sign.

Her fourth snack for tonight. I’m giving small amounts at a time.


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