How Cow drinks water and more stories of the aftermath of “The Wall”!

Here’s how…

Cow is SO happy these days because he gets to come into the room (after we tore down “The Wall”).

He is also very well-behaved.

It’s Indy and Bunny who are competing by spraying on the polycarb at the door, one after another. I haven’t seen Cow spray, actually!

Indy sprays the most these days. It’s like he has a “spare bladder” for the purpose of spraying!  And he is just being naughty and territorial because if you remember, Indy behaved and STOPPED spraying entirely during the era of The Wall when he Spider-Cat-ed into the room on a daily basis. He knew that in order to stay, he cannot spray. He learnt that. AND he behaved.

But look at him now – he is spraying non-stop.

I guess Indy’s logical reasoning would be this: You’ve allowed Cow and Bunny to come in now, so it’s free for all, isn’t it?  Why do I need to behave anymore?!! They spray, I spray. We all spray. The family that sprays together stays together…hahaha.  

Poor me….